Saturday, October 5, 2013

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Harvest Time Studio Sale

Guest Artist Marjorie Wade of Spiritworks Pottery, Stillwater, MN
Saturday, October 12th 10am-5pm and Sunday, October 13th 11am - 3pm

Image from 2011 Harvest Time Studio Sale

The Still Life

When thinking of ideas for exhibition titles, the idea of "The Still Life" came to me as I was making some simple hand-built bowls one afternoon, during my children's nap time.

Originally the idea stuck with me because I have been thinking about how much I enjoy still life compositions, and I thought it would be an interesting project to give myself: create a series of objects from clay to then arrange into a still life to draw and paint.

After a bit of reflection, I realized that maybe I was drawn to the seemingly benign idea of a still life because my life isn't so still right now with two kids - ages three and one and a half.  Another connection I made was to my life in a rural setting.  The stillness that I experience in my daily surroundings provide a source of grounding and a reminder of the potential that surrounds us every day.

a nice still moment